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Siesta Trading Limited - Investigating the mechanisms of cryptocurrency trading
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The SIESTA project is an open online platform for the investors’ financial improvement. It was developed by leading experts of the Siesta Trading Limited Company on the basis of the obtained trading experience at crypto exchanges, successful implementation of software solutions when trading and creating a secure system for the distribution of financial flows.

We have designed the project as a serious financial instrument with beneficial profit plans and quick payments without additional commissions that can serve as an excellent investment practice for young investors and, at the same time, be an object of truly profitable investments for more experienced customers of SIESTA.

Investigating mechanisms of cryptocurrency trades and defining stable correlations, we have developed a unique set of automatic utilities for trading operations that together with the regular work of traders from Siesta Trading Limited, cause really impressive results and considerable increase in the company’s annual turnover.

Positive dynamics of the company’s performance, strong success on the cryptocurrency financial market, and continuous growth of crypto trading competence make it possible for us to daringly state about stable economic growth by daily taking responsibility for the SIESTA customers’ financial well-being.

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An experienced group of financial experts and international cryptocurrency traders
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Online support 24/7 and customer service at the highest level
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SSL certificate with reliable data encryption and invulnerable protection against DDOS attacks
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Fast withdrawal of profit to a personal wallet at any time without additional fees
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Professionally designed plans with favorable investment terms
Unique script
Original structure of the program code of the independent web development project

About our company

A team of professional financial experts and international traders with successful experience in implementing unique software solutions in trading at cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Protection of capital is an important and necessary task of Siesta Trading Limited, and this is why we use only safe trading strategies aimed not only at intensive multiplication but also preservation of investment assets. Accepting private assets of customers for trust management we carefully take care of your investments and carry out quality control of possible financial risks.

Association of cryptocurrency traders, financial experts, analysis managers and developers of algotrading programs under the SIESTA brand. Development and testing of tactics for concluding trade transactions, complex software algorithms, analytical systems for identifying economic trends and short-term planning of results, parameters for calculating investment risks, testing equipment and software for high-frequency trading.


Development of the commercial business model of the SIESTA project. Official registration of a private limited company Siesta Trading Limited in the state register of the Great Britain. Program web development and diagnostics of the investment functions of the project and the system of safe payments. Arrangement of competent support service. Launch of SIESTA. Debugging the functions and redesign of the project. Intensive attraction of loyal investors and partners, expansion of the company's financial capital, and formation of a reliable insurance fund.


Connecting Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment systems to the project. Opening the network of official client offices of the company in the largest cities on the European continent. Creating a program for training qualified trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and online training courses for professional traders. Franchising of the SIESTA trademark. Investments in innovation-driven growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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Outstanding programming solutions
We use a set of the unique software algorithms with a secure system for financial flows distribution to perform trading operations and instantly respond to any changes in the hyper-volatile market of cryptocurrencies.

Along with the creation of technological programs for investment operations, we took care of the functions in the investor's Personal Account by developing convenient tools for performing quick electronic payments.

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