User agreement of Siesta Trading Limited

This User Agreement defines basic terms and conditions for the use of the website by the User, their rights and obligations, as well as the breadth of powers of the Siesta Trading Limited management. This is an officially published document that has legal force, which allows to be responsibly referred to in disputes or proceedings for both parties to this Agreement.

By clicking on the "Create Account" button in the registration form, the User voluntarily enters into irrevocable relations with Siesta Trading Limited under the current Agreement, agrees with all listed terms and conditions and trusts the company with the due diligence processing of personal data (specified by the User or "hidden" technical data). In case of disagreement with these Terms of Use, the User should immediately leave the website and permanently refuse to visit again.

The User confidently confirms that they have reached the age of majority according to the current legislative norms of the state of their official residency at the time of using the website, are morally ready for making mature decisions, and have sufficient competence to be engaged in investment activities.

The Company does not guarantee continuing profit in the long-term yearslong perspective, and the User must be ready for unexpected and fatal financial consequences; however, Siesta Trading Limited undertakes to create the required conditions to ensure stable profit for each investor against the background of high rate volatility and economic unpredictability of the cryptocurrency trading industry, using personal financial experience and unique trading strategies.

The User must not create more than one account at If multiple registration is detected, all multiple accounts will be suspended with the money on the internal balance without a recovery option, and the User will be technically banned forever.

Any fraudulent activity or an attempt to commit unlawful acts entail the imminent drastic measures against the criminal within the scope of capabilities of the Siesta Trading Limited management.

The company's management settles disputes and disagreements between Users, reviews complaints and proposals, provides critical evaluation of reasoning, expresses positions on certain issues, and explains discrepancies in the text of this User Agreement due to the pre-emptive right to make a final decision.

If additions or amendments to the text of this Agreement are published, registered Users will be informed by e-mail.